Thursday, October 4, 2012

All About Ma'adan

The brain child of Stuart Kahan and Yossi Markovic - Ma'adan – a North NJ kosher food store came to fruition when these two childhood friends (since second grade!) sat down and came up with the idea. Kahan and Markovic worked separate food industry jobs and joined together 31 years ago to create a glatt kosher take-out store. They settled on Teaneck, NJ as the store's main location. These two friends and co-owners have the trifecta – drive, vision and love of high quality food. This is what led to the birth of Ma'adan in 1982. Before they knew it, the modest 900 square ft gourmet North NJ kosher food store blossomed into a 4,500 sq. ft behemoth, featuring delicious gourmet food, wine and baked goods, with an impressive selection of dairy and meat. Looking for kosher food? No matter how specific or unusual, we can accommodate you with our wide selection. Teaneck customers have been shopping for kosher meat, fish, dairy, different kinds of platters and holiday food at our North NJ kosher food store for over 20 years. Our food is supervised by the NJ Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (R.C.B.C) so we can guarantee that it is up to the standards of kosher law. For more information on our glatt kosher catering service, give us a call at 201-692-0192.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kosher Food Delivery North NJ

Ma'adan of Teaneck is a premiere source of kosher food delivery in North NJ. As a kosher deli, caterer, and food delivery service, Ma'adan offers high quality Kosher food to all residents of North NJ, as well as across the country.

Ma'adan offers a wide selection of kosher meat, fish, or dairy dishes, though not at the same time of course. As a Glatt Kosher certified institution,  Ma'adan is careful to keep all meat and dairy separate to avoid any sort of cross-contamination.

Ma'adan caters for Jewish and secular holidays, and is happy to serve the needs of the Jewish community in the event of a special occasion, or if someone simply desires high quality kosher food delivery in North NJ.

Please contact Ma'adan if you wish for more information on our kosher food delivery in North NJ. We will be happy to assist you.