Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kosher Catering in North NJ

Do you ever wonder about the history of the food places you eat at? Ma'adan, a kosher catering in North NJ  is a story of of two friends,Stuart Kahan and Yossi Markovic, who have known each other since the second grade. They each worked separately in the food industry until 1981 when they came together and decided to build a glatt kosher store in Teaneck NJ. With great passion and extended vision of fine foods, Ma'adan opened up its doors in 1982. Today, it has been 20 years since Ma'adan proudly serves kosher takeout in Teaneck, the surrounding areas and nearby NYC. With the wide selection of kosher foods to customers Ma'dan offers:

And no worries, Ma'adan is under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (R.C.B.C) in New Jersey. If you are having any kind of a Jewish celebration such as weddings, bat & bar Mitzvahs,engagement parties, corporate parties, kiddushes,and shiva platters, make sure to invite  Ma'daan, for a tasty occasion with Kosher catering inTeaneck

For more information on Ma'adan's kosher takeout/catering services in NJ, call Ma’adan at 1-800-MAADAN1 or 1-201-692-0192.