Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Host a Stress Free Event with NJ Kosher Catering

Kosher Catering NJ
Food is an integral part of all of life’s celebrations.  Whether it is a birthday, wedding, or Bat Mitzvah, family and friends gather around food to be with each other and to honor that special person or people.  Everyone, including the host, should be able to fully enjoy this special moment, but it can sometimes be difficult to do.  With the responsibilities of serving food to guests, hosts will tell you it sometimes feels more like work than a party.  Instead of doing this for your family, Ma’adan offers kosher catering for NJ residents.

Founded in 1981, Ma’adan started out as a simple glatt kosher take-out store.  However, the store did not remain small and eventually grew into the 4,500 sq. ft. store it is today.  With extensive dairy and meat departments, Ma’adan has everything to satisfy your NJ kosher catering needs.  We are under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County and have made a commitment to providing you nothing, but quality kosher foods.

Do not let special occasions pass you by because you were concerned about serving everyone.  Let us take care of that portion of entertaining for you, so can better enjoy and cherish the time with friends and family.  To learn more about kosher catering in New Jersey, call Ma’adan today at 1-800-MAADAN1.

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